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About Us

Professional Background:


Since 1999, Sulphur Springs Christian Counseling Center has been meeting the emotional and spiritual needs of North East Texas. The Founder and Executive Director of the center, Israel Lewis, began his counseling career back in 1989. He has now become a leading authority on teenage, family, and marriage relationships.

Several years ago, he also started providing services for other Professional Counselors and for Senior Pastors. Being known as the counselor’s Counselor, Israel partners with professionals and clergy in their endeavors.

Additionally, he works directly with the Juvenile Probation Department of Hopkins County, as well as, with Child and Adult Protective Services.

Speaker & Life Coach

Besides his professional counseling career, he enjoys speaking at Churches throughout the Country.

Israel’s Life Coach Training have included:

  • Ocean Spray
  • Lowes
  • Grocery Supply
  • Fidelity Express
  • United Way
  • Child Advocacy Center
  • Child Protective Services

Israel serves his community by investing in others, encouraging them that they don’t have to walk life’s journey alone. He is committed to providing help, hope, and healing to others throughout East Texas.


For over 18 years, he has been happily married to his lovely wife, Leslie. Together, they have two boys, Caleb and Carter. When not counseling, he trains for marathons and watches his boys compete in golf. His family is active and dedicated members in a local Christian church.

Israel believes in meeting life’s challenges head on and applies a simple, straight forward approach to living and counseling. But overall, he wants each of his clients to start living their best life again. He considers the richest man in the world is one who has a wealth of relationships. Passionate about the Lord and his family, he also enjoys music and sports. He (intentionally) jumped out of an airplane with his brother-in-law, competes in several marathons, triathlons, and ultra-marathons (distances over 26.2 miles) every year.

Most athletes consider the Iron Man race the world’s most challenging single-day test of endurance. Israel completed one of his own at an Iron Man Triathlon (2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike, 26.2 mile run). Israel draws on his own experience and discipline to complete race to motivate & inspire clients cross their own finish line.

Lewis is a slow jogger when running marathons. But he is quick to say he loves watching his boys play golf and holding his wife’s hand.

Israel’s Passions

D. Israel Lewis

Licensed Professional Counselor

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

Life Coach, Church Consultant


Office Management:


Israel Lewis, Founder and Counselor

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